Minima Solutions

We Specialise in:

Data Management

Asset Management

Business Alignment

Optimisation and Analytics

Our Goal is to help you make decisions from your data.

What We Do

We produce interactive web applications for Executive Decision Makers to see critical aspects of their operations.

The solutions are:

  • customised, as one size does not fit all
  • low cost
  • interactive
  • repeatable
  • transparent

We use your information, knowledge and data to generate innovative visualisations for:

  • analysis
  • decision making
  • communication

We connect and display information from isolated systems, for a holistic business centric view.

We offer the capability for rapid data collection and optimisation of your workflows.

We provide broad services to support and educate our clients throughout their Minima journey.



The Budget Machine

Integrating Asset Management and Financial Management

Asset Revaluation

Collating valuation information between the Asset Management System and the Finance System

Gravel Roads Analysis

Presenting the condition of an unsealed roads network

Implied Building Subsidy Report

Generating a report outlining incomes and expenditure of Council’s owned and managed building assets for the 2019/20 financial year.

Permissible Land Usage

Managing land usage

The Buildings Portal

An integrated view of a Building Portfolio

Creating the Capital Works Portal

The visualisation and alignment of the Capital Works Program

Steven Katona

Steven Katona

Data guru


Steven does …. on a regular basis


  • Information and Technology


  • BEng Power Electrical, 1993

    University of Tasmania

Penny Green

Penny Green

Asset Management


I am a strategic thinker, with the ability to delve into complex information and data sets to deliver better decision making.


  • Looking for the efficiency gain
  • Landscapes


  • B Eng Technology, Infrastrucure Asset Management, 2015

    University of Tasmania

  • B Landscape Architecture, 1997

    University of Canberra


  • 0477 806 393
  • New South Wales
  • Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm